Contact lenses

Contact lenses are our passion! We only use in-house tested, worldclass contact lens materials and care solutions. The Spectrum of individual contact lens solutions today, is just gigantic and offers more possibilities than spectacles. It includes customized contact lenses, frequent replacements systems, continuous or „over night“ wear, as far as Orthokeratology which offers a correction - free day time! Successful correction of Astigmatism as well as Presbyopia are today just as normal as using an iPad. Get excited about your new freedom to see!

Continuous - / Over Night wear

Contact lenses for continuous wear up to 29 Night, sounds crazy but offers unique freedom to see. Silicon Hydrogel Materials provide high oxygen supply to your eyes and so for, offer healthy and prolonged wearing time, as long as you are in need of your contact lenses. The biggest step forward in the history of soft contact lenses since their introduction in the year 1978. To date, Silicon Hydrogels are correcting all kinds of Ametropia, including Astigmatism and Presbyopia. Take a deep breath.

Orthokeratologie / Corneal Refractive Therapy CRT

Myopia and Astigmatism as far as combined with Presbyopia corrected, while you are sleeping. Providing crisp and free vision throughout the day, without anything additional needed. This is not a dream, this is reality! Orthokeratology or Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) is the reversible alternative to refractive Surgery. We are using this amazing procedure since summer 2001, and still are blown away by it’s nature. How Orthokeratology is functioning and if you are a possible candidate, we will explain during your comprehensive eye examination and conversation together. The Art of fitting contact lenses.


The natural phenomenon of “to short arms” while reading, we call Presbyopia. This happens to all of us, in our prime of life. In the last few years, contact lens Designs made a huge step forward in correcting Presbyopia and now offers for everybody comfortable vision in all distances, without the need of additional reading glasses, of course. We worked hard and intensive in getting that far. Fitting contact lenses with those new designs and procedures demands the best manufacturer process, exceptional fitting technics and comprehensive knowledge putting everything together. Re - experience your way of sight! 

Specialty contact lenses

Pathologies of the Cornea (eg. Keratoconus) and Injuries as well as refractive Surgery Treatment can lead into irregular Cornea Topography. As a result sight can be uncorrectable impaired with Spectacles or soft contact lenses. In contrast, with gas permeable (hard) contact lenses visual acuity can in general fully re-achieved. Specialty contact lenses are our passion and our excellence. We are involved in research groups all over the world and developing with the manufacturers together new contact lens designs or fitting procedures. Since years, our international reputation relies on our knowledge in that field of interest. Every specialty contact lens is a unique challenge and calls for passion and a mindful and perceptive procedure. The application of state of the Art Techniques, Materials and customized contact lens designs, provides optimal nutrition and relief of the weak cornea, while having the best visual performance possible. Restoring vision back to almost normal, legitimate every single effort taken.

"Perfect" month-to-month plan

Get excited about our passion for contact lenses and our tailor made “all inclusive” month-to-month plans for Students and young adults. The following Benefits are included and free of charge:

  • Professional fitting of your contact lenses, including one after care appointment.
  • All contact lenses are included! During the fitting process, as well as after completion. Does not matter if you suffering from Myopa, Hyperopia or Astigmatism.
  • Your contact lens care solution.
  • Eye check every 6 Month, including Vision Screening as well as eye health analysis.

Your „all inclusive“ plan endures for at least 24 Month (thereafter a cancellation of your plan is possible every 6 month). After successful completion of fitting, a nonrecurring fitting fee of 159.- will be charged. See you soon!

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