Dry Eye Package

One of the most important factors, providing comfortable contact lens wear, is optimal composed tear quality. Our Tear layer contains Lipids as a protecting shield against evaporation. These Lipids are produced in glands in the upper and lower Lid margins. In dry eye syndrome, those glands often are blocked or produce lower quality of secret. This leads into various symptoms which range from minimal to massive disorders: burning and itching eyes, red eyes, increased blink frequency, decreased vision as far as headaches.  Typically those disorders increase while Computer work, near work such as reading, watching television, but in windy or cold weather conditions too. Our Dry Eye Package was developed especially for the gentle care of dry and sensitive eyes. First it removes old secretion of the Lid glands as well as cosmetics or other contamination which can cause irritations on the eye. Second, while using our gel mask, the blocked glands are opened and the secretion of the glands get revitalized. Third, due to an individualized Omega-3 fatty acid dietary supplement, the glands will produce a much better quality of the Tearlipids and therefore install an effective and durable new protection shield for your eyes.

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