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Dr. Michael Bärtschi

Ph.D. Biomedicine, M.Sc. Optometrist FAAO; Master of Medical Education, University Bern, Owner and president of the board of directors

"Life is a constant journey of new ideas and innovation."

Marc Fankhauser

eidg. dipl. Ophthalmic Optician SBAO

The Sushi lover in our Team. "Our Flaxseed Oil is a superb alternative to Fish Oil, in order to prevent dry eyes."

Simon Bolli 

eidg. dipl. Ophthalmic Optician SBAO, Visual Trainer OEPF, Management Board of Interlens.

„Clear and comfortable vision is a must –during summer on the bike, during winter while skiing or outdoor all weather with my dog.“

Michael Wyss

M.Sc. Optometrist FAAO

The PUMA wearer in our Team. "Unconventional solutions, combined with the most up to date technology. Leading into our promise – Wellness for your eyes“

Janine Kummer

Optometristin B.Sc. , Kontaktlinsenspezialistin SBAO

Our eyes are permanently challenged, - during Sports, Travel or working tasks. Keeping the visual system healthy and efficient is my goal every day.


Reto Küng

Anik Tschanz

Aleksandra Krstic

Anna Scheidegger

"310% connection. Very warm Welcome!"

Bookkeeping and personal affairs

Franziska Bärtschi

Co-owner and board of directors
Fairy godmother of our Team and your partner for bookkeeping questions.

    Vision means freedom.