Success story

Since 1968 Heinz Baertschi was best known as the specialist for sophisticated contact lenses and his ability to empathize. The 1980 founded, family owned „Kontaktlinsenstudio Bärtschi“ became an innovative contact lens studio and optometry praxis, which today addresses all aspects of vision. Since 2003 son Michael and his wife Franziska take over the responsibility and evolved the company to the most recognized contact lens and optometry studio in Switzerland. Our passion still deserves to the contact lenses. Michael Baertschi and his dedicated team set new standards in the science of contact lenses as well as in the modern optometry. Our story of success is based on freedom to see, innovation and highest quality standard. Therefore various team-members were renowned with several national and international awards. Our professional qualifications (academic degrees) are from the following Institutions:

  • University Bern, Switzerland
  • Pennsylvania College of Optometry, Philadelphia, USA
  • Hochschule Aalen (Cooperation with New England College of Optometry, Boston and Pacific University, Portland, USA)
  • Höhere Fachschule für Augenoptik und Optometrie, Olten, Switzerland
  • SALUS University, Philadelphia, USA



    Vision means freedom.