Comfortable vision is the key goal during visual training. After the optimized collaboration of the two eyes, certain visual tasks (eg. Reading, Computerwork etc.) will be less exhausting. Visualtraining can help to relieve symptoms like exhausted eyes, fatigues, watery or burning eyes, increased redness of the eyes, headaches, fluctuating or intermittent double vision, tension or eye strain, problems with focusing different distances, decreased visual perception during a normal day and a lot more. Children significantly benefit from Visualtraining in cases with Reading-Writing Disability, short concentration span, invert letters and words while reading. The individual trainings will be predominantly done convenient at home and in some parts at our Visualtraining facilities. Do you have more questions regarding visual training? Do not hesitate to ask us, we love to care about you! 

RevitalVision™ – Visual Tuning

As visual perception depends on both the optical input received from the eye and the neural processing of that input in the visual cortex, RevitalVision technology improves quality of vision (contrast sensitivity and visual acuity) by enhancing neural processing in the primary visual cortex. The RevitalVision technology is a non-invasive, patient-specific, perceptual learning program based on visual stimulation. On average, vision improves by two lines on an eye chart after completing RevitalVision. Benefits include:

  • Reading smaller print on a newspaper, menu, or computer screen
  • Reading better in low light conditions
  • Seeing objects better at night
  • Reducing or eliminating the need for reading glasses

Additionally the technology has been clinically proven in the treatment of adult amblyopia and after refractive Surgery (LASIK) to enhance visual performance during dim light conditions.


Competitive Sports not only demand top performance from your body, but from vision and eye coordination as well. Especially Sports with high velocity (eg. Bike-/Ski-/Motorbike-/Car Races, Tennis and other ball related sports) demands a fully functioning Eye-Hand-Coordination for success. Quite similar to Visualtraining, after a comprehensive eye exam, an individual Training with the goal to increase your visual performance will be composed. Just do it!

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