Your vision requires a complex cooperation of optics, muscular coordination and neurological processing. If there are deficits in these sections, vision might get uncomfortable and difficult. Overstressed eyes, double images, fatigue and headaches may result. State of the Art is to correct the optics of the eye in order to get over the problems stated above. Eyeness moves a major step further. We analyze all the important parameters of you eye and your body, which influence your visual perception. This examination includes the following:

  • Detailed Anamnese of your working environment and the resulting visual requirements 
  • Corrected and uncorrected visual acuity
  • Objective and subjective Refraction
  • Analyze of the extraorbital muscles
  • Pupil Reflexe Tests
  • Visual Acuity in Low Contrast conditions
  • Colourvision Test
  • Analyze of the eye coordination and eye movements 
  • Stereopsis Tests
  • Digital Biomicroscopy of the anterior segment of your eyes 
  • Digital Topography of the anterior and posterior Cornea
  • Pachimetry (thickness) of the Cornea
  • Rebound Tonometry measurements of the intraocular pressure, correlated with corneal thickness 
  • Analysis of the central Retina with Laser guided Imaging (SLO Technology) and Tomography (OCT Technology) 
  • Octopus-Perimetry - Visula Field measurements and analysis


Prophylactic examination in terms of Cataract, Glaucoma, misalingment of eyes and Lids are absolutely important regarding the health of your eyes. Should those measurements present abnormal results, we will refer you with a detailed report to your Ophthalmologist or eye care specialist.


Optimized Optics for your needs is the foundation for clear and comfortable vision. We undertake your Refraction with passion and precision for all age groups and visual tasks. We provide you with your individual Prescription, which you can hand over to your ophthalmic optician for your new spectacles. 

Pediatric Optometry (Babys, Kids and Teenager)

Our children are the most precious thing in the world. Children not only need special examination methodology, but more important age related communication and customized care. We are working closely with Parents, Ophthalmologist and Orthoptics together, to ensure best possible care on the children's journey of sight, starting from as young as the age of 5 Month. There is no barrier in terms of age for wearing contact lenses. In special cases, we start fitting contact lenses already at Babys age of 5 weeks. Intensive consulting is key here and so for we will reserve more than enough time to answer al your questions and evaluate your children needs.

Myopia Control

The number of people suffering from Myopia increased dramatically in the last years. This elongation of the eye length is a longterm risk factor for severeal retina pathologies.




Retina detachment

-1.0 to -3.0




-3.0 to -6.0




-6.0 or higher




A single trigger or cause for myopia is unknown to date. But there are known factors influencing the development of myopia. Your riskprofil of getting higher level of myopia can be testet on myopia.care  

Since years research on how myopia can be controlled was done all over the world. With early treatment, myopia progression can be significant slowed down. The following table, presents a summary of all the treatment options available today and their efficiency, collected form over 30 evidence based scientific pubications:


Slowing of Myopia Progression in %

Spectacles and standard contact lenses


Multifocal / Bifocal Spectacles

12 – 55%

Myovision (Special Spectacles)

0 – 30%

Multifocal contact lenses

29 – 45%

Orthokeratology / multifocal Orthokeratology

32 – 100%

Atropin eye drops

30 -77% (side effects)

Multifolcal silicon hydrogel contact lenses

New designed multifocal contact lenses (not to be mixed up with contact lenses for presbyopia) slow down the progression rate up to 45%. We are using special silicon hydrogel contact lenses, on a monthly replacement schedule. They correcting myopia, but no higher amount of astigmatism.


The most effective treatment today is Orthokeratology. The individually customized contact lenses are worn only over night, providing sharp vision day time without wearing spectacles nor contact lenses. Myopia till 6.0D and Astigmatism till 4.0D can be possibly corrected. Additional Advantages are:

  • Swimming, Sport without any limitations
  • minimal risk of loss
  • no Dry Eye Symptoms
  • no foreign bodys underneath the contact lenses
  • can be worn during hay fever season

Orthokeratology is successfully used since more than 40 years in USA and Australia. We are one of the pionieers in Europe and practice this treatment very successfully since 2003.

What ever treatment is your best choice, we work very closely together with your ophthalmologist and will get your eye length controlled regularly.

Dry Eye

Dry and burning eyes are extremely uncomfortable and unfortunately are an increasing problem in our population. The discomfort can be of various reasons. In the last 10 years we invested into continuing educational training and intensive research in that specific field of science. That’s why we developed new procedures to overcome dry eye syndroms. After comprehensive examination of possible causes, we will offer different procedures for your eyes relief. This is going far beyond artificial tear drops and contains special Lid massages, gentle care products as far as dietary supplementation of Omega -3 fatty acids. Should a pathological dysfunction of your eyes be involved, we will refer you with a detailed report to your Ophthalmologist for further examination. Customized solutions will be offered to you at all times, that’s what we stand for! 

Refractive Surgery

Refractive Surgery (eg. LASIK oder other methods) information should be included into a comprehensive visual consultation today. For that reason we join continuing education in clinics and conferences covering refractive Surgery several times a year. During your individual, evidence based and neutral cunsultation, we inform you about the possibilities as well as the limitations of the various procedures. By your request we will refer you to the state of the art clinics throughout Switzerland. The intensive interdisciplinary cooperation with your Ophthalmologist and Surgeon offers you the best possible outcome. 

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